Past Projects


UPS-PHP is an open source project focusing on creating an easy to use framework for interacting with UPS’s API in PHP. I was a developer and consultant to the project.


Dead Simple Task Tracking. This project is a collaboration between Rob Lund, Mark Sanborn, and myself.


Faceoff is a technology podcast started by Mark Sanborn and myself. We talk about a wide range of technology related topics including programming, web communications, web tools, and web entrepreneurship. I am currently an executive producer, cohost, and production engineer for this project.

Montana Fragfest

Montana Fragfest is a site that aims to give video gamers a humorous and independent viewpoint on their hobby. I am a founder, editor in chief, and primary content producer for the website.

Montana Mushrooms

Montana Mushrooms is a collaboration between myself and Dean Robbins that focuses on educating people on various mushroom related topics including cultivation, wild foraging, identification, and culinary uses. I am currently a consultant and developer on the project.